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Companion Animal Rescue & Compassion Education : greenWELLS

Companion Animal Rescue & Compassion Education


Companion animal rescue and compassion education is presently receiving the greatest level of attention from greenWELLS right now. greenWELLS supports Chattypet.com, a website that gives pets a voice. When people share from a pet's perspective, children, especially, can begin to learn compassion for animals by understanding their feelings and how human actions may be perceived by pets. The goal of Chattypet.com is to help people to carry out responsible pet ownership and provide a lifetime of quality care for pets. One main way to do this is through compassion education.

greenWELLS actually does business as Chattypet, as it fully owns Chattypet.com and the related websites under development that are part of the overal Chattypet vision.

Chattypet supports animal rescue by helping these organizations to be successful at placing homeless pets with people who can provide them with loving permanent homes. Chattypet will also have an "essentials" store to help rescue organizations fundraise, and provide basic needs to pets.

Chattypet.com aims to make a difference on the planet by increasing the level of respect for animals and by furthering our understanding of the benefits that companion animals provide to humans. When humans increase companion animals' quality of life, we simultaneously increase our own quality of life.

We would like to note that the reason greenWELLS chose a pitbull icon is because pitbulls, of all the dog breeds, are the most misunderstood and discriminated against of the companion animals serving humans.

Chattypet appreciates Nicole Rivera's work Max The Shelter Dog and her "Kids for Pits" campaign. Says Nicole: "It is my hope that you will take away a desire to understand the pit bull as a breed that is loyal and loving, and one that would make a terrific pet. I hope that you will visit your local animal shelter and spend time with the pit bull, as well as ask the staff any questions about them. You will then find that the pit bull has been a victim of ignorance and discrimination."

Chattypet encourages animal lovers to pass the message that pitbulls are wonderful companion animals, they have just been mistreated and misunderstood. We hope that you will also support Nicole's good work.

Chattypet also appreciates the work of Kay Pfaltz. Kay is the author of Lauren's Story. Says Kay: "Almost all animal lovers would agree that one of the most important lessons animals teach is unconditional love. Lauren’s Story is about the kind of unquestioning love that exists between humans and their animal friends. Far from anthropomorphizing animals, Lauren’s Story admires and respects them, even suggesting that we humans be more like them: accepting, forgiving, nonjudgmental, living in the present moment and enjoying life to its fullest, even in the small, quiet moments."

Both Kay's work and Nicole's work offer proceeds to non-profit animal welfare and rescue organizations.