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About : greenWELLS

Ann Echols

Ann founded greenWELLS(TM) in 2004 as an outlet for applying her knowledge and values to organizations that she believed help improve the condition of and on our planet earth.  She works with many people to carry out greenWELLS(TM)' mission.  Ann's profile appears on the ABOUT page because at present, she is the only employee of greenWELLS(TM). Perspective and background are vital to helping a client determine if a fit may exist between the consultant and what is needed.


Ann holds a business doctorate in strategic studies (2000, VA Tech), as well as a doctorate in education (1994, VA Tech), an MBA (1992, FAU), and a bachelors degree in Accounting (1986, TAMU). She has taught at a private elementary school, a trade school, and at a community college. Between 1994 and 1999, Ann taught undergraduates and executives at VA Tech. She has taught undergraduates and masters students at Penn State - University Park since August, 2000. 

greenWELLS(TM) has been instrumental developing creative solutions that fall under one or more of these categories.  Click on the icons to the left to read more about each area.




Deconstruction & Reuse

greenWELLS(TM) is a member of the Building Materials Reuse Association (BMRA). Ann Echols was a Board Member and Treasurer of the BMRA from 2004 to 2006. She attended the DeCon04 conference and presented at the Decon05 and DeCon07 annual conferences.  She has published research investigating Habitat for Humanity ReStores, c.f.:

    Gresock, A. R., Michael, J. H., Echols, A. E, & Smith, P. M. (2006). The Habitat for Humanity ReStore System: Sourcing and Sales of Donated Wood-based Building Materials, Forest Products Journal, 56(10), 37-41.

    Michael, Judd H., Echols, Ann E., Bukowski, Steven W., Gresock, Amy R. (2005).  An Investigation of Habitat for Humanity ReStores: Marketing, Management Characteristics, and the Wood-Based Materials Inventory - Final Report.  Presented to HfHI Headquarters.

greenWELLS(TM) uses its expertise to add value to the deconstruction and building materials reuse industry.
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greenWELLS(TM) supports "cradle to cradle" environmentally responsible business. Ann gives guest lectures to Penn State classes on this and other corporate social responsibility topics. Ann studied Business Ethics and CSR under the field's leading professors: Rich Wokutch and Carroll Stephens. She taught Business Ethics at PSU, and at VA Tech. greenWELLS(TM) was a member of the Greening of Industry Network, Business for Social Responsibility, and the Organizations and Natural Environment Division of the Academy of Management.
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Environmental Revitalization

greenWELLS(TM) supports environmental efforts that promote infiltration and responsible, aesthically-pleasing stormwater management through sponsoring: www.artfulrainwaterdesign.net.

greenWELLS(TM) is open to pursuing other projects that promote environmental revitalization.

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Health & Social Responsibility

Ann taught Healthcare Finance to undergraduate and masters students at PSU. These connections have enabled greenWELLS(TM) to be proactively involved in helping consultants create new tools and networks to help administrators in the healthcare industry.

Ann's businesses provide healthcare coverage to employees, flexible time, family leave, professional development, and an open pet-friendly work environment if employee consesus exists about pets. Through enforcing responsibility, accountability, integrity, working well with others, customer focus, and adaptability, employees carry out behaviors that help to reduce stress caused by the unexpected, minimize office politics, and increase empowerment. Current interests include reearching 100% employee-owned firms, and their benefits to sustainability initiatives long-term.

Ann worked with Total Action Against Poverty, in Roanoke, VA between 1994 and 1996.
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Companion Animal Rescue & Compassion Education

Ann has been an avid animal lover as long as she can remember. She grew up with a mutt, Tippy, for 16 years. She adopted Remington in 1995, after eight years of convincing her husband, Stuart, that pets were essential at home. Ann & Stuart now care for their seventeen pet beagles and beagle-wannabes at home, as well as two rescued cats, and two rescued bunnies. Stuart is involved with blind- and disabled-dog rescue. Ann volunteered as Treasurer for Nittany Beagle Rescue of Lemont, PA from its incorporation in 2003 until 2010.
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