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greenWELLS(TM) offers consulting services to entities that have socially and environmentally responsible missions.  greenWELLS'(TM) consulting covers leadership, strategic management, general business, administrative, and other organizational topics. Helping eco- and socially-sensitive entities to sustain their performance is essential to making a lasting positive difference.

greenWELLS(TM) provides proactive business solutions with a unique perspective.

greenWELLS(TM) offers eco- and socially-sensitive strategies to firms seeking to increase their corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR strategies deliver triple bottom line benefits. By including socially and environmentally responsible activities, clients' financial performance typically increases in addition to receiving positive intangible value from goodwill.

greenWELLS(TM) strives to make a positive difference using our knowledge and new insights.

greenWELLS(TM) sponsors and invests in projects that contribute to the quality of life, and quality of the natural ecosystem.  We value preserving the natural beauty of our earth's resources, flora and fauna.

View many of our sponsored projects on our website by clicking on the icons to the left.

greenWELLS(TM)' strength lies in its creativity and critical thinking abilities. greenWELLS(TM) evaluates options using many well-known business models, including the stakeholder approach, and by analyzing projected outcomes thoroughly. In addition to using tools, models and competencies to derive good strategies, we also assess strategic implications with future generations in mind, with goals of zero waste in mind, and with maximizing positive impact on our planet in mind.

greenWELLS(TM) is 100% woman-owned.